We're glad you are visiting our site. Gray Road is committed to helping people become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Christian life is a journey. The Bible gives us the record of many important journeys. Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Israel, and the Apostle Paul spent a lot of time traveling on journeys.

As the Apostles journeyed with Jesus, not only did they travel from place to place, they also discovered that they were on a life-changing spiritual journey. Jesus took them on a journey that changed their lives forever, and we are on that journey as well.

We invite you to JOIN THE JOURNEY!


There are no church related closings or cancellations at this time.

See Christian School page for school closing information.

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Wednesday Evening Bible Study,
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Growth Groups meet at the church and at various homes on Wednesdays from 7 pm. Call to find a group near you.
GRBC Members: To schedule your online photo session for the pictorial directory, click on the image above.

The Central Message of Christianity

Have you heard people talking about Christianity, but don't really know what it is?  Click on the audio sermon below to hear Pastor Toby talk about "The Central Message of Christianity."

Audio Sermon

Growth Groups

Growth Groups will resume on January 8, 2014. (Online Registration)

Growth Groups meet at the church on Wedneday evenings at 7pm and at various GRBC member's homes. To find a group near you, call the church at 317-784-4484 or email office@grayroad.com.

Current Study:
VideoSix Steps to Loving Your Church,
by Colin Marshall & Tony Payne. 

This study is about how to love your church whether you’re feeling enthusiastic about it or not. It’s about the mindset we take with us as we go to church each week, and how that mindset is expressed in a multitude of ways, big and small. In particular, it’s about the part that we all play as God’s people in loving, serving and building each other up, Sunday by Sunday.

The course will cover subjects such as:
» your current attitudes towards church, and how they are expressed
» what the Bible says about the meaning and purpose of church
» what it means to love your church and the people who go there
» how all of us can be active encouraging servants before, during and after church, rather than just consumers or spectators.

Each session contains a mix of discussion, Bible study, video input and prayer, along with simple exercises to help you put the ideas into practice on Sunday.

The Anchor of Truth, Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly edition of, The Anchor of Truth, is now available. This is a newsletter containing important articles written by our pastoral staff at Gray Road Baptist Church. Click here to view it. Printed copies are available at the Information Center in the foyer.