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Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey… The individual classes in this course are overviews of individual books of the Bible.  The goal is to be more familiar with the background, outline and basic teachings of each book so that you can read the book on your own with more confidence.  You will see how the individual books of the Bible fit together to ultimately make one book, with one message, by one Author, as the New Testament fulfills the promises of the Old Testament.  These are the books that will be studied:  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Job, Psalms, and Proverbs.

–Taught by Gary Strange & Jim Wise

Theology: Covenants of the Bible

God has worked throughout history with His people through covenants. Starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation, this class seeks to show the structure and depth that the covenants provide for our better understanding of God and His Word, as well as helping to better connect the Old and New Testaments as a single story of God's plan for His people. It is an amazing story that will challenge and deepen your faith and your theology.               

–Taught by Kevin Shingleton

Christian Discipleship: Prayer

How is your prayer life?   Are you intimidated by praying in public or small group functions? Join us for a twelve-week study on biblical prayer. We will go over the 5 "Ws" of prayer - WHO we pray to, WHAT is prayer, WHY do we pray, WHEN do we pray, WHERE should we pray and, most importantly, HOW do we pray.  We will also study some the most powerful prayers of the Bible and learn about the different types of prayers straight from the mouths of the heroes of the faith. There will be prayer exercises for homework and class participation is strongly encouraged.  If you would like to become more of the prayer warrior you've always wanted to be then join us on this exciting prayer journey!

– Taught by Tom Blackburn & Jim Schweickart

Christian Roles: Parenting

This class will be a study on the biblical roles of the parents within a family.  It will detail God’s purposes for the family and the distinct roles that each parent must play in training the hearts of the children toward godliness.

–Taught by Steven Smith, Chad McFadden & Brian McKenzie

Healthy Church: Living in Community

God’s people are called to a togetherness and commitment that transcends all natural boundaries—whether ethnic, generational, or economic. But such a community can be enjoyed only when it relies on the power of God in the gospel. This class will challenge you to consider and promote biblical community that glorifies God, edifies his people, and attracts the lost.

–Taught by Toby Johnson