Sunday Sermons

Listen to sermons preached at Gray Road in the format of your choice. Click on the Play button or filename (for online streaming), right-click on the file name (for an opportunity to save the file to your hard drive or portable device), or select one of the podcast icons below. Contact us if you have any problems with this.

Sunday morning sermons are typically available the following Monday morning.

Up On The Mountain, Luke 9:28-37, 09.17.2017

Audio File: 2017-09-17.mp3 (49.94MB)

<p>Luke 9:28-37 - </p>

Abide in Me, John 15:1-17, 09.10.2017

Audio File: 2017-09-10.mp3 (47.55MB)

John 15:1-17 - True disciples of Jesus perservere in the faith.

He Will Give You Another Helper, John 14:15-31, 09.03.2017

Audio File: 2017-09-031.mp3 (30.42MB)

John 14:15-31 - Jesus promises to send a helper after Himself who will live in them.

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled, John 14:1-14, 08.27.2017

Audio File: 2017-08-27.mp3 (42.65MB)

John 14:1-14 - Jesus comforts His disciples in the midst of their trouble.

Following Jesus, John 13:18-38, 08.20.2017

Audio File: 2017-08-20.mp3 (42.47MB)

<p>John 13:18-38 - A follower of Jesus glorifies God by loving like Jesus.</p>

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Wednesday Nights

Series on "9 Marks of a Healthy Church"

Podcasts and notes are available for download below.

Biblical Church Leadership, 07.29.2015

Audio File: 07-29-15.mp3 (50.26MB)

File: Week9studyBiblicalChurchLeadership.pdf

A Concern for Discipleship and Growth, 07.22.2015

Audio File: 07-22-15.mp3 (50.93MB)

File: Week8-AConcernforDiscipleshipandGrowth.pdf

Biblical Church Discipline

Audio File: 07-08-15.mp3 (54.09MB)

File: Week7BiblicalChurchDiscipline.pdf

A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership

Audio File: 07-01-15.mp3 (52.10MB)

File: Week6ABiblicalUnderstandingofChurchMembership.pdf

A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

Audio File: 06-24-15.mp3 (59.22MB)

File: ABiblicalUnderstandingofEvangelism.pdf

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