Sunday Sermons

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Sunday morning sermons are typically available the following Monday morning.

He Rose Again from the Dead, John 20, 11.19.2017

Audio File: 2017-11-19.mp3 (48.53MB)

John 20 - Jesus' resurrection is the foundation of life-giving faith

Jesus was Crucified, Died, and was Buried, John 19:16-42, 11.12.2017

Audio File: 2017-11-12.mp3 (52.61MB)

John 19:16-42 - Jesus finished the work of salvation.

Suffered Under Pontius Pilate; John 18:28-19:16a; 11-5-2017

Audio File: 11-5-17.mp3 (45.85MB)

John 18:28-19:16a

Jesus submitted to godless men

Betrayal, Denial, & Courage, John 18:1-27, 10.29.2017

Audio File: 10-29-2017.mp3 (47.87MB)

John 18:1-27 - 

I am Praying for Them - John 17

Audio File: 2017-10-22.mp3 (54.63MB)

John 17 - Jesus prays that God will complete His mission.

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Wednesday Nights

Series on "9 Marks of a Healthy Church"

Podcasts and notes are available for download below.

Biblical Church Leadership, 07.29.2015

Audio File: 07-29-15.mp3 (50.26MB)

File: Week9studyBiblicalChurchLeadership.pdf

A Concern for Discipleship and Growth, 07.22.2015

Audio File: 07-22-15.mp3 (50.93MB)

File: Week8-AConcernforDiscipleshipandGrowth.pdf

Biblical Church Discipline

Audio File: 07-08-15.mp3 (54.09MB)

File: Week7BiblicalChurchDiscipline.pdf

A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership

Audio File: 07-01-15.mp3 (52.10MB)

File: Week6ABiblicalUnderstandingofChurchMembership.pdf

A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

Audio File: 06-24-15.mp3 (59.22MB)

File: ABiblicalUnderstandingofEvangelism.pdf

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