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Belize and India

Two teams from Gray Road were busy this summer serving fellow saints and learning about God’s work around the world.

The first trip was to an orphanage that operates in conjunction with a local church in Belize, a small country in Central America that was formerly a British Colony. Pastor Smith is friends with a man involved in the ministry.

The team included a number of teens and afforded them an opportunity to come alongside children without parents and an extended church community inland from the Atlantic/Caribbean coast.

College freshman Jordan Tyra explained that the trip opened his eyes to a number of opportunities for service in missions, and how ordinary believers can make a difference through the giving of their time and simple acts of service.

Kevin and Polly Shingleton shared that the generosity of the believers in Belize, despite their material poverty, was humbling and inspiring to them.

One result of the time spent in ministry is that Gray Road is hoping to raise $4,000 in our annual Offering of Praise to go toward a bus that the church uses to help reach people in the community, and some study resources for the pastor there.

Belize Team Roster: Isaiah Helms, Steven Smith, Jeremiah Mattingly, Curt Tyra, Kevin Shingleton, Polly Shingleton, Debbie Scott, Sharon Shingleton, Rebecca Colbert, Rylie Scott, Avery Shingleton, Jordan Sanford, Alexis Mattingly, Jordan Tyra, Jonah Shingleton, Noah Shingleton, Jonah Sanford, Austin Johnson, Caleb Johnson.

The India team worked as part of a continuing relationship between Gray Road and Delhi Bible Institute. DBI director, Pastor Isaac Shaw preached at Gray Road just a week before the five-person team traveled.

Pastor Toby joined Jim Fain of Rod & Staff Ministries in training the congregation of Bible Bhavan, Pastor Isaac Shaw’s church in Delhi, while on a retreat in Dehradun, a city in far-northern India near the Tibetan (Chinese) border. While Toby and Jim were doing the training, Chad McFadden, Ardis Tolle and Liz Ziegler led a series of teaching sessions for teens and 20-something students.

Chad described going through the Gospel with the young men while Ardis and Liz helped lead discussions on Two Ways to Live. The focus was on taking ownership of Christian faith during a period of transition in life. Chad was also able to see fruit in a marriage counseling session.

Ardis and Liz were thankful to the opportunity to see that God will use them in the lives of people on the other side of the world, and even provide opportunities for them to be encouraged in their faith, even as they seek to encourage others.

Toby is thankful for the receptivity of the church there to the instruction in biblical counseling and anticipates an ongoing relationship between Gray Road and this church as it seeks help in equipping its own people for counseling from God’s Word. Our financial support of DBI, which is involved in starting thousands of churches across India, also continues.

India Team Roster: Toby Johnson, Chad McFadden, Ardis Tolle, Liz Ziegler