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Quiet Time Café

Why Do We Have a Café?

At Gray Road, we love to distribute biblically rich, theologically robust and practically relevant books to our church; that's why we have our Quiet Time Café.  ​ There is only one Book that the Christian needs as a Christian, and that's the Bible. 

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Other Books

In God's providence, many godly men and women through the centuries have written books to help us understand and apply the teaching of the Bible. Our goal in the Quiet Time Café is to stock these kinds of books and make them affordable. We purchase books and Bibles for the cheapest price we can find, then reduce the price by at least 20% before reselling them. Some would say we're "taking a loss," but we prefer to think of it as an investment in our congregation. Take time to find a book or two for yourself...or maybe one you can give away to encourage a friend.​You can pay for these resources through our giving portal at this link:​

Come in and browse our Bible and book selections
which include preschool, children, teen & adult categories.

Snacks and drinks

We offer breakfast and snack bars as well as drinks for sale, which include coffee, cappuccinos, tea, sodas, and water. Come in and check out our selections.

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