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5500 S. Gray Road
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Current Series
Past Series
Looking for a Leaderr
1 Samuel
Honoring God with his Gifts
Power in Weakness
2 Corinthians
Our God Is...
Various Texts
Salvation Belongs to the Lord
What the Spirit Says to the Churches
Revelation 1-3
A Praying Church
Contending for the Faith
In the Beginning
Genesis 1-11
Psalms for Life
Assorted Psalms
Trusting God in Troubled Times
Ephesians 1
Words of Wonder
Assorted passages in Luke
That You May Believe
The Gospel of John
Glorifying God at Gray Road
The Greatest Chapter
Romans 8
Serving as Senders
2016 Missions Conference
City of God
Ezra & Nehemiah
Seeing Money in New Eyes
In My Place Condemned He Stood
Living Godly Lives in Godless World
1 Peter
Hallowed be your Name
God Saves Sinners
How Can I Pray For You?
Know God, Know Purpose
The Work of Jesus Goes On
Acts of the Apostles
Real Life. Changed Life.
1 John
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